JCT company supply Neoprene Adhesive production line

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 What is a Neoprene Adhesive production line? If you don't know, go to JCT Machinery to get to know.

The neoprene adhesive production line that made by JCT company, is designed after discussion and research with many experienced neoprene adhesive technical engineers. Its high efficiency in production, lower to cost, can meet semi-automatic and full-automatic control needs according to different customers.

Neoprene Adhesive production line

 Process flow chart of Neoprene Adhesive production line:

 Process flow chart of Neoprene Adhesiive production line

Production line equipment configuration:

Raw material tank; Accountability tank; Reactor; Condenser; Water cooling system; Material pump; Finished product tank; Filter; Filling machine; etc.

4. Production process:

1) The preparation of neoprene/ all-purpose adhesive raw materials is according to its technical formula.

2) Firstly add solvent, resins into reactor, starting stirring.

3) After 2 hours, add several kinds of neoprene, ethyl acetate, solvent oil, resin, and other materials for going on stirring.

4) After dissolution of all materials, take some adhesive samples for testing its viscosity.

5) Regulating viscosity by adding solvent, if meets finished products requirements, discharge out materials for packaging.



1) We can design it according to actual situation and actual output of customer.

2) If the customer needs, we can provide the design, planning, equipment production, installation, debugging, production technical guidance, production personnel training and other services according to the actual needs of customers.

3) If you need more information about detailed equipment allocation and production process, please feel free to contact us:






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