Take you to understand the principle of screw extruder kneader discharge

2020-09-02 17:00:03 Alice 24

Kneader, as the ideal equipment for the crushing, shearing, mixing and polymerization of high viscosity and ultra high viscosity substances, is increasingly used in our daily production of rubber, silicone, silicone rubber, hot melt adhesives, etc. universal. Because of the different production processes, the choice of material discharge method is not the same.


The kneader generally has three types of material discharge methods: hydraulic cylinder discharge, ball valve discharge, and screw discharge. Today, we mainly talk about the principle and role of kneader screw discharge.

When the screw discharge kneader is working, the motor is driven by the reducer to the active propeller, and the driven propeller is driven by the walking gear. The spiral blade of the stirring propeller animal material is used as both axial backlog and radial backlog; both for high speed backlog, Also for low-speed backlog; both for the extrusion movement, but also for the separation movement, so that the material after full kneading, rubbing, blending, mixing evenly, accelerate the physical and chemical materials.

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