Ointment production equipment, do you know?

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Ointment is familiar to everyone, common in daily life are antibiotic ointment, eye ointment, Erythromycin Ointment and so on. Ointments is a semisolid external preparation with a certain consistency made of a uniform mixture of drugs and suitable matrix. Commonly used matrixes are oily, water-soluble and emulsion based matrixes. Cream ointment made of emulsion matrix is also called cream.

Because of the different dispersing state of drugs in the matrix, the use of solution ointment and suspending ointment was used. The solution type ointment is a ointment made from the dissolution or melted in the matrix or the matrix component, and the suspension ointment is the ointment made from the homogeneous dispersing of the fine powder and the matrix.

power mixer

Generally speaking, the ointment products are made from the power mixer. The power mixer is a common production equipment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. The power mixer concentrates the function of the planetary mixer and the powerful dispersing machine. It has the function of mixing, dispersing, shearing and mixing. The mixer has 3-4 sets of different types of agitators, 2 sets of multi-layer paddle (or arc) agitators, planetary motion at the same time rotation, 1-2 groups of high-speed dispersion, the planetary motion at the same time dispersed at the same time, so that the material in the kettle to do complex movement, so that the material is strongly cut and mixed. The scraper rotates around the axis of the kettle body and scraps the material adhered to the wall and bottom to mix. The dispersing and mixing effect is very good.

power mixer

The power mixer is widely used in silicone rubber, polyurethane, adhesive, paste, cosmetics, coatings, ink, battery glue, food, medicine and other industries.

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