Indian client visited JCT Machinery for discussing acid and neutral silicone sealant munufacturing plant

2017-10-31 15:58:33 MR.Y 18

On September 20th, Ms. Hannah's indian client visited JCT Machinery for discussing acid and neutral silicone sealant manufacturing plant. Now more and more people find growing market in selling silicone sealant all over the world. As a professional manufacturer specializing in silicone sealant making machine more than 15 years, now let me introduce something about the visiting for you.

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In the visiting, he told us that now he already has own filling machine, so we need to supply him a whole production line equipment except filling machine. In the past 3 years, he imported silicone sealant from China and has sold them out to Indian market. Now this client wanted to produce the two kinds of silicone sealant 600kg / day but we expained to him that it is not so economical for produce such small an output per day. Do you know why?

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Actually, it spends 2 hours for one batch to produce acid silicone sealant would if using a set of machine for making silicone sealant base materials and making glue. If you use the same equipment for making neutral silicone sealant, the time will be at least 8 hours. As you can see, if you use the same equipment for making both acid and neutral silicone sealant, not only does it has large power consumption and long production time, but its output also small that it is hard to earn your cost back. At last we recommended him to reconsider the daily output and he agreed with a bigger capacity. On that day we communicated many things with each other, as well as felt glad to build good relationship in the future. And we also have a good lunch together. If you feel puzzle in starting project of acid and neutral silicone sealant manufacturing, you can feel free to contact JCT Machinery:0086-18028192312 !

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