The Algeria 1500L grafted glue reactor has been completed

2017-10-31 16:02:02 MR.Y 9

In August 10, 2017, Algeria customers ordered grafted glue reactor has been completed, early in the morning, workers are in the packaging machinery of the JCT reactor, in order to machine can not be hurt in transit workers to the reactor package on the foam,These machines will be shipped to Guangzhou port across the sea to Algeria

grafted glue reactor.png

grafted glue reactor.jpg

The machine will arrive at Algeria dock in a period of time, hoping to reach the customer at an early date,

Speaking of grafted glue, now it is not only the foreign market, but also the demand of the domestic market is more and more big. Many foreign customers also come to China looking for grafted glue equipment and formulations. In this regard, JCT machine has more than ten years of production experience and technical support engineer more than, therefore, if you have any needs, please give us a message in concact or call our telephone directly: 0086-18136383959, thank you for your support.

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