Process for producing silicone sealing glass glue

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As we all know, the silicone sealant of many types, but because of differences in the nature of the product to product type, process the difference in the current common glass glue according to the nature of the point of view the main component and two components of the two, and according to the packaging, mainly in acid and neutral, this structural adhesive three, the production process with your understanding of the silicone seal glass glue.

1、brief introduction:

107, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and calcium carbonate, white carbon, additives and other evenly mixed, vacuum pumping made glass glue.

Chemical formula: 107RTV+SiO2+CaCO3= glass glue

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2、common species:

  1. Single and double component classification: one component and two-component

  2. Acid base classification: acid and neutral gum

  3.        Color: black, white, transparent, silver, porcelain, bronze ash

  4.        Plastic mold classification: weathering, weathering of silicone sealant is suitable for all kinds of curtain wall weathering seal, especially recommended for glass curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall, stone hanging and weather sealing. Suitable for metal, glass, weatherproof sealant aluminum, ceramic tile, organic glass, coated glass between the seam sealing; weathering silicone sealant concrete, cement, bricks, rocks, marble, wood, steel, aluminum and painted anodized aluminum surface sealing. In most cases, primers are not necessary. Mold silicone sealant is a trend in the future, a mildewproof effect of silicone rubber glue much longer than the average, more firmly, not easy to fall off, especially suitable for some moist, easy to mildew environment, such as kitchen, bathroom etc..


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3、Formulation and process:

Hydroxy silicone oil, methyl silicone oil, vapor phase SiO2 and silane crosslinker and coupling agent, etc..

Silicone sealant composition: organic hydroxy silicone 45, organic methyl silicone 15, silane 3, meteorological silica 6, calcium carbonate 30, two butyl February, tin silicate 0.04, amino silane 0.4, etc.

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