The kneader mixer-produce liquid silicone rubber molding by the Bangladesh client

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Bangladesh client

On the afternoon of November 7th,we get to the South Railway Station in Guangzhou to pick up the client who is from Bangladesh.He intends to purchase kneder mixer to produce liquid silicone rubber molding.Before come to china,there is a big market in his country about the Liquid Silicone Rubber.So he want to take this opportunity to enter bussiness relationship with us.

liquid silicone rubber molding

After he reached to our company, we both enter a preliminary discussion.Then,we talk to them that our company have owns factory.SO he want to visit the company factory before further negotiations.During the visiting of our factory,he is satisfied with our machine.They give a high recommendation to our kneder mixer.

         kneader mixer

With completing the visit to our company,we both conducted the further negotiations of kneader mixer.The negotiation of kneader mixer is very smooth.Due to his factory has not finished,he plans to order the kneder machine next month.We both reach a Preliminary agreement and he will come to China again to order our machine to produce liquid silicone rubber molding.If you are interested in our machine,please contact us as much as possible.

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