Silicone sealant how to clean?

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Don't know everyone in daily life pay attention to this problem, is the sticky stick hand, hair, clothes or other items are not very troublesome? Especially silicone sealant, in the home decoration or production, accidentally will stick, then silicone sealant how to clean it? Let JCT tell you!

Silicone sealant is a family of commonly used adhesives, the main component (Na2O. MSiO2) and acetic acid and organic silicone composition. Sodium silicate is soluble in water and sticky. Mainly used in all kinds of glass and other substrate bonding and sealing material, is a dry in a certain period of time will produce sticky substances.

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The common sense of life:

       1. Silicone sealant in the absence of curing, whether it is sticky in the human body, utensils or clothing, washed with water can easily remove, so the uncured silicone sealant                 cleaning is the most simple.

2. Then there is already cured silicone sealant, this glass glue is extremely difficult to remove. If the glass body has been cured attached to glass, ceramics, metal and other items, you can consider the use of xylene, acetone and other solvents Scrub (if you do not know these two substances can be considered, because banana water, which contains two substances in water, banana) if the attachment adhesive glass objects on less. You can also consider to scrape scraper. If attached to the clothes, you can consider the use of brush brush, if not, it is necessary to consider the banana water.

3. There is also the case that the silicone sealant is glued to the hands and cured. This situation is not to worry about, and the handling is simple. Silicone sealant after curing is sticky hands, so rub with each other a few hands can be removed. If you think sticking silicone sealant is troublesome, and do not want to use your brain to think how to remove, just remember, silicone sealant containing organic matter, with xylene, acetone, banana water can be easily removed.

4. How to clean the silicone sealant on the aluminum-plastic plate? It depends on your outside aluminum plate with a layer of protective film is not torn down, if this protective film on the protective film on a tear is gone, if it is in the aluminum plate inside it is not easy to get, you can take a blade push gently scraping, be careful not to hurt the aluminum plate the!

5. How can I remove the silicone sealant on the wooden floor?  We recommend that you use a special cleanser, such as "Mr. muscle."

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So, what if it's glued to the clothes?

Method one:

  1. Soak with alcohol

  2. Silicone sealants are silicone rubber and can be removed by acetone

  3. Xylene silicone sealant removal effect is good

Method two:

You can use banana water droplets in the glue stains, while stirring constantly with the old toothbrush brush, until softened glue off his track, and then rinse with water, repeatedly brushing, brush the net so far. Apply absorbent cloth on the back of the cloth with glue stains, then apply white vinegar to the traces of the glue, and scrub it with cotton dipped in water.

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