• What is vacuum kneading machine ?

    Vacuum kneading machine is a kind of high performance, the high viscosity and ultra-high viscosity material mixing, kneading, crushing, polymerization reaction of rational equipment.


    07-23 / 2022

  • Take you to understand the principle of screw extruder kneader discharge

    Kneader, as the ideal equipment for the crushing, shearing, mixing and polymerization of high viscosity and ultra high viscosity substances, is increasingly used in our daily production of rubber, silicone, silicone rubber, hot melt adhesives, etc. universal. Because of the different production processes, the choice of material discharge method is not the same.


    09-02 / 2020

  • Do you know neutral silicone sealant equipment?

    Neutral silicone sealant production have 5 parts: 1)Base material production 2)Base material grinding 3)Glass/plastic production 4)Hydraulic discharge 5)Product packing


    09-01 / 2020

  • During the world cup, Brazil customers visited JCT to discuss chewing gum equipment.

    The Russian World Cup was held in June 14th as scheduled in 2018, and the Russian World Cup was the twenty-first event held by the FIFA World Cup. The match took place from June 14, 2018 to July 15th. It was the first time that the world cup was held in Russia and the first time the world cup was held in Eastern European countries.


    06-20 / 2018

  • Syria customer purchase JCT hopping candy kneader

    Kneader is no stranger to us. It can produce various kinds of adhesives and grease, and also produce candy. hopping candy is a wonderful childhood memory of many middle-aged and old people. This candy can feel the sound of the mouth in addition to scratching its tongue. In fact, the ingredients of hopping candy, like ordinary hard candy, are made with sucrose, corn syrup, water, pigments and spices.


    04-28 / 2018

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