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With the development of aviation, instruments, electronics, electrical appliances, navigation, metallurgy, machinery, automobile and medical treatment, liquid silicone is also developing. Today, the demand for liquid silicone is also growing. General liquid silicone can be divided into high temperature vulcanization type and room temperature curing type two major categories. Well, how much do you know about liquid silicone process and production equipment?Now let me show you the liquid silicone process and production equipment!

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The production equipment used for liquid silicone production is kneading machine, and the configuration of production equipment needed by different liquid silica gel is different. The configuration needed for the production of RTV silica gel and high temperature vulcanized silica gel is also different. Sometimes, according to the requirements of customers to choose. And the production of liquid silicone process is nothing more than the following steps:

Liquid silica gel production process:

1、prepare the raw material according to the formula and add the kneading machine. The powder should be added several times. Heat up, start the vacuum system, and draw moisture from the material.

2、The base material involved in the production is fed into the base trough through a high viscosity pump and slowly added to the three roller mill in order to achieve the fineness requirement.

3、The grinding base is placed in a mixing tank and then joined with other ingredients and colorant.

4、Push the mixing tank into the multi-function dispersing mixer or planetary machine, stirring and dispersing at high speed. Open the vacuum system and vacuum. Turn on cooling system to control material temperature.

5、When the production is complete, push the mixing cylinder to the material press and divide into the packing barrel.

6、Pack the finished goods in storage.

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