How to clean the kneader to prolong its service life?

2021-11-16 16:58:36 admin 1

The vacuum kneader is a type of kneader. Do you know how to clean it correctly? After the equipment has been in operation for six months, the staff needs to check the vulnerable parts and make appropriate repairs or replacements. Kneader After installation, clean up, decontaminate and wipe anti-rust grease, check the lubrication points of each part, inject lubricating grease, check the tension of the V-belt before driving, and move the motor to the appropriate position by adjusting the bolt. 

Also check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the steam pipe is leaking, whether the circuit and electrical equipment are safe, the kneader must have a grounding device, and the indoor of the equipment must be cleaned before the test run. Wait for the equipment to pass ten to ten. After five minutes of dry operation, ensure that the equipment can operate normally before putting it into production. The cooler manufacturer tells everyone that when cleaning the vacuum kneader, everyone should pay attention to these aspects of the problem to ensure that the equipment can be started during the working process. effect.

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