If you are going to paint your new home, you may need to know this

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In daily life, we often hear the words coatings and paint. Some people think that coatings is paint, and some people think that coatings and paint are two unrelated things. What exactly is coatings? What is the difference between coatings and paint?

Coatings are usually resins, oils, or emulsions, with or without pigments, fillers, and corresponding additives, and a viscous liquid prepared with organic solvents or water, which can be coated on objects with different construction techniques. On the surface, a solid film with firm adhesion, certain strength, and continuous is formed.

Paint refers to the general term for organic solvent-based or high-solid, solvent-free oil-based paint.

Coatings can cover solid powder coatings and liquid paints. Paints can only be liquid paints, not equivalent to coatings. The term coatings can cover all types of products in the industry.

paint mixer high-speed dispersion paint production line

JCT has been focusing on paint production lines since 2006, among which the high-speed dispersion machine, the main paint production equipment, is the main product of our company. The high-speed disperser is mainly used for crushing, dispersing, emulsifying, and mixing liquid raw materials with different viscosities. Through the high-speed running of the upper and lower serrations of the dispersing disc, the material is subjected to high-speed and strong shearing, impact, crushing, and Disperse, achieve the functions of rapid mixing, dissolution, dispersion and refinement.

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