What kind of machine can make the best silicone sealant?

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Silicone sealant can be cured by reacting with water in the air at room temperature to form a new elastic silicone rubber, so it is very popular in some fields. So, do you know the specific role of silicone sealant?

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Since silicone sealant has strong bonding performance, sealing and waterproofing, and a wide temperature range, neutral silicone sealant is non-toxic, pollution-free and corrosion-free after curing, so it is mainly used for sealing indirect seams of curtain wall panels, such as doors, windows and airports , Highways, other highways, bridges, etc. When applying the silicone sealant, it is necessary to clean up the bonding surface in advance, and test whether it needs to be primed, so that the silicone sealant has a better bonding effect.

planetary mixer,silicone sealant production line,silicone sealant

Since 2006, JCT machinery has been focusing on the silicone sealant production line and the main production equipment planetary mixer, and has a wealth of experience. The principle of the planetary mixer is to use the combination of a low-speed stirring paddle and a high-speed dispersing disc, combined with revolution and rotation motion, to achieve full mixing of materials. Among them, the low-speed stirring paddle achieves macro-mixing through planetary motion with kneading force, and the high-speed dispersing disc achieves micro-mixing through the shear force generated by the high-speed vortex. The vacuum eliminates the bubbles generated during the mixing of materials and improves the consistency of the mixing effect.We can customize theplanetary mixer and provide silicone sealant production line and professional guidance according to your requirements.If you would like to know more information about the equipment,You can  contact me : Phone:+86-13929992673  whatapp:13929992673 , Mailbox:jctadaluo@mixmachinery.com, I will answer for you in detail.

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