Congratulations to JCT machinery for obtaining the patent certificate of the filter type screw kneader!

2017-07-12 14:00:37 MR.Y 11

Congratulations to Foshan Nanhai JCT mechanical equipment Co. Ltd., in the application of high-tech enterprises on the road and a big step forward, shortly before, won the "squeeze out the screw with a filtering device of the utility model patent certificate material kneading machine structure, the practical innovation of the models, and to provide users with a large the convenience in the kneader piece, in line with customer service for the purpose of the maximum JCT, we have been running, also thank you for your support and trust has been on JCT!

Utility model name:    Screw extruder extruding and kneading machine structure with filtering device

Inventor:     He Weiliang

Patent number:     ZL 201620657006

Patent application date:     2016-06-24

Patent holder:     Foshan Nanhai JCT Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Authorized notice date:     December 28, 2016

Authorized institution:     State Intellectual Property Office of THE P.R.C

Filter screw kneader.jpg

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