Lithium battery material prices soared three times this year, manufacturers' orders are full

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Horizontal ribbon mixer is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials and other fields. It can be used for powder mixing, powder and small amount of liquid mixing, powder and granule mixing and other processes. It can be used for the production of the following products:

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1. Lithium battery cathode material, lithium battery anode material, powder mix of other batteries

2. Mixing of raw materials for magnetic materials and electronic devices

3. Dry hanging glue, marble glue, AB two-component sealant, building putty powder, ceramic raw materials, ceramic glaze

4. Cosmetics and daily chemicals: powder mix.

5. The mixing process of biscuits and seasonings.

Performance characteristics of horizontal double screw mixer mixer

1. Convenient operation and strong practicability

2. The mixing efficiency is high, and it is used in the industrial production of various powders; the processing capacity per batch is 0.1-20 cubic meters, and the processing materials per batch are 0.3-15 tons, and the mixing time is 3-15 minutes.

3. It has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Good heat transfer effect and fast cooling speed.

5. The machine can be customized according to different products, and the blades and accessories of various shapes and structures can be made, and the blades and body of the machine can be polished to achieve a good smoothness on the surface of the material, which is convenient for cleaning and reduces the phenomenon of hanging materials.

6. Improve efficiency and productivity by mechanization and automation.

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