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JCT ribbon mixer blender is a kind of high efficient powder processing chemical equipment, ribbon mixer blender is suitable for chemical,pharmaceutical, food,, agriculture,drugs,plastics, paints, cosmetics and feed additives industry.

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ribbon mixer blender

ribbon mixer blender

A. The introduction of JCT ribbon mixer blender:

1 JCT ribbon mixer blender consists of U-shaped containers, ribbon mixing blaze and transmission components; ribbon points continuous and disconnect the helical ribbon blaze is generally made of a double or triple outer spiral the materials from both sidesbrings together the central inner spiral the material transported from the center to the sides to from a stream mixed.

2.Adding a liquid and pasty materials mixed in the ribbon mixer for viscous or cohesive granule mixing and granule has a good effect, cylinder cover can be made of a wide-open door, so that the equipment for cleaning.

3.Can be added to the mixer barrel outer jacket,cooling or heating of the material is achineved by injecting the cooling medium to the jacket;

4.Discharge generally in the form of a pneumatic flap valve(manual), the arc valve compact embedding barrel, flush with the tube wall, the phenomenon of materila accumulation and mixing dead ends, reliable trim seal, frequent switch leakage.

blender ribbon

B.The Features of JCT ribbon mixer blender:

1) With large loading coefficient,the equipment covers in small area.

2)It's difficult to clean for mixing the sticky or cohesive materials.

ribbon mixer blender

C.The Work characteristics of JCT ribbon mixer blender:

1) JCT ribbon mixer blender is driven by a motor through a reduction of the special arrangement of ribbon spindle rotation.outer ribbon put the material to the centerof machine, inner ribbon push the material to a certain position or plates,both of them can make materials to mutual diffusion,convection, shear, dislocation and radial movement,to achieve a steady mixing performance in a short time.

2)There are three stirring way with standard design.continuous ribbon,Interrupter ribbon,and blaze can be chosen,they were arranged on the requirements of  the center or bottom discharge materials.

blender ribbon

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