Philippines customer visits JCT machinery

2017-06-28 10:00:39 MR.Y 6

In early May, customers from Philippines came all the way to JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. with great expectation.

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Philippines customers need to produce a PVC stabilizer powder, in the process of development, encountered problems in equipment configuration and formulation process, this is especially for the visit Chinese Foshan JCT machinery, and hope that the problem he encountered can be smoothly done or easily solved.

Horizontal dry powder mixer.jpg

JCT mechanical work personnel to understand customer needs, enthusiasm and professional customer details of equipment configuration and production processes, but also with the customer to visit the workshop, we recommend the horizontal dry powder mixing machine to the customer, the customer in the field is a technical problem and our engineers are discussed, said customer appreciation, and decided to sign the contract as soon as possible and JCT machinery, JCT machinery is also committed to customers, will be the most preferential price for customers to configure the best quality products.

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