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The Sigma kneader is used for kneading, mixing, dispersing and re-polymerizing high-viscosity pastes or elastoplastic materials. It has the advantages of uniform stirring, high kneading efficiency, and no dead ends. The kneading is completed by rotating two stirring paddles at different speeds. process.

(1) Real-time control and recording of temperature, time, viscosity, etc. data through PLC during the production process.

(2) The cylinder and blades that contact the material are made of stainless steel to ensure product quality.

(3) The kneader can be used for high-viscosity pastes or plastic solids with poor fluidity around 5000PA.

Sigma kneader has four modes: vacuum kneader, pressure kneader, atmospheric kneader and high temperature kneader. The discharging methods include hydraulic rotary cylinder pumping type, ball valve type and screw extrusion type.

Sigma kneader can produce high-viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, neutral and acid glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum, and is also used in batteries, inks, pigments, dyes, medicine, resins, plastics, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

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