Cleaning method of hydrothermal reactor

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When cleaning the inner tank of the hydrothermal reactor, add an appropriate amount of water or alkali to the inner tank, tighten the hydrothermal kettle manually and put it into the heating equipment. Do not raise the temperature rapidly (the temperature rise and fall rate does not exceed 5°C/min), and the temperature It should not be too high (generally heating to 200°C), otherwise the PTFE liner will be easily deformed.

Attention: During heating, keep it at 150°C for several hours, then keep it at 200°C for several hours, and then cool down to room temperature before taking it out. It can ensure that when the temperature of the later experiment reaches above 200 ℃, the deformation of the inner tank of the hydrothermal kettle can be avoided.

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General steps:

1. For the obvious solid dirt in the inner tank of the hydrothermal reactor, you can clean it with water and a brush first, and then use a brush and decontamination

Brush and wash until all visible solid dirt is removed, then scrub with alcohol, then scrub with acetone to remove organic dirt

Dirt, then wash or dry, and store in a dry box;

2. Dilute that is difficult to clean can be dissolved or heated to dissolve with the corresponding dilute acid or alkali that can react with the dirt.

And clean, and then add water, alcohol and acetone to clean, dry and store;

3. If the organic dirt cannot be removed by brushing, you can manually tighten the hydrothermal reactor and put it into the heating device to heat it to

After 200℃, turn off the power and stop heating and cooling to room temperature. The organic matter can be burned in the high temperature air, and then in turn

Use water, alcohol, acetone, etc. to scrub clean, dry, and save.

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