In order to improve work efficiency, what are the types of mixing of high-speed dispersers?

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  Disperser is a kind of mixer in a broad sense. Due to the use of high-speed agitators (such as disc sawtooth agitators), strong turbulence can be formed locally, which usually has a strong dispersion and emulsification effect on the material. Therefore, this type of high-speed mixer is also called a disperser. The dispersion forms are mainly as follows.


1. Push-type mixing and dispersing machine
Propeller agitators are composed of three blades and are in a spiral shape. They are the same as propellers on ships. They are usually used for materials that require violent agitation and have low viscosity. It is more suitable for reaction systems with milky liquids or suspensions with a small amount of solids. The speed is usually 300-600r/min.
2. Paddle mixing and dispersing machine
Paddle stirrer is a very simple type of stirring. The manufacture is simple and the mixing power consumption is low. It is usually divided into flat-blade paddle stirring (also called "one"-shaped stirring paddle) and folded-blade paddle stirring. It is suitable for the reaction system of two low-viscosity mutual liquids. Its speed is usually 20-80r/min (usually used in low-speed mixing, paint mixing and other occasions, the speed is constant).
3. Turbine mixing and dispersing machine
Turbine stirrer is a very suitable stirrer used in reaction systems that require very vigorous stirring. Turbine agitator can be divided into: flat straight blade, curved blade, folded blade, disc flat straight blade, disc curved blade and other turbine agitators. For liquids with large differences in mixing viscosity or relative density, suspensions containing high concentrations of solid particles, and reaction systems where the gas needs to be fully dispersed in the liquid, turbine agitators are usually used. Its speed is usually 200-1000r/min. (Commonly used in occasions that require high-speed dispersion and depolymerization by a disperser)
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