How to clean the blender

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  The agitator needs to be cleaned after the usual use, so that it will be more convenient when it is used next time. Let's take a look at the correct cleaning method for the device.

  Generally speaking, the upper end of the diversion tube will be lower than the static liquid level, and then a hole or groove will be opened on the cylinder body. After the liquid level has fallen, the fluid can still enter the diversion tube from the hole or groove. , Then the deflector will divide the cross section of the mixing vessel into two parts with the same area. The diameter of the deflector is about 70% of the diameter of the vessel. Wait until the paddle agitator is placed under the deflector. When the diameter of the container itself is relatively large, the diameter of the lower end of the deflector tube needs to be adjusted to be smaller, so that the diameter of the lower opening can be made smaller than the diameter of the stirring.

  After each use of the equipment, the main personnel in charge need to sort out maintenance items, including cleaning up the internal and external dust accumulation, and the residues at the discharge port and the discharge door need water. Rinse clean, if necessary, put a small amount in the past and stir for a few minutes before letting out. When using the water cleaning vehicle, the additive tank and its supply system, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the cold winter season. After the operation is completed, the water in the water pump and other water-retaining parts must be drained to avoid freezing and cracking at night. The machine pipe is damaged.

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