What you need to know about operating high-risk equipment like steam jacketed reactors

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The steam jacketed reactor is mainly composed of two parts: a kettle body and a kettle cover. The kettle body is made of high-strength alloy steel plate or composite steel plate. The inner side is generally lined with a material that can withstand medium corrosion. The inner lining and the kettle body Fill the lead-antimony alloy between to make heat conduction and force.

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The kettle cover is a flat or convex head, and it is also made of high-strength alloy steel or composite steel plate. The kettle cover is equipped with air inlets, feeding ports, pressure measuring ports, safety explosion-proof ports and other different diameters. A sealing gasket is installed between the body and the kettle cover, and the main bolt and the main nut are used to seal it into a whole.

The reactor is suitable for large-scale and continuous chemical production. Because the reactant has a fast reaction speed and a fast flow rate in the tubular reactor, its production capacity is high.

Compared with a kettle-type reactor, the steam jacketed reactor has less backmixing. In the case of a lower flow rate, the fluid flow pattern in the tube is close to the ideal fluid. It is suitable for both liquid phase reaction and gas phase reaction. It is particularly suitable for pressurized reactions. In addition, segmented temperature control can be achieved.

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