In order to better use the planetary mixer, please understand its features

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  The double-dispersed shaft vacuum planetary mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment that integrates vacuum low-speed mixing and high-speed dispersion. It combines revolution and rotation motion to achieve full mixing of materials. It can be applied to the mixing process of various solvents and powders, such as the batching process of raw materials such as lithium ion batteries, adhesive tape, solar energy, and chemicals. The integrated design of the equipment has good mixing uniformity and is convenient and easy to use.

  Five-paddle twin-shaft planetary stirring, twist frame stirring paddle with high-speed dispersion plate and wall scraping, no stirring dead corners;

  Low-speed stirring realizes macro-mixing through rotation and rotation, and high-speed dispersing disc realizes micro-mixing through shearing force;

  The vacuum environment can effectively eliminate the bubbles generated during the stirring process, and the vacuum maintenance effect is good;

  The effective volume of the mixing tank is 30L, made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;

  Multi-stage speed operation can be performed, and the stirring speed and time of each stage can be set

Electric lifting design of the slurry barrel, equipped with spotlights, easy to operate, to ensure the safety of the vacuum mixing process;

  Various electrical safety designs such as PLC control, HMI operation, motor overload protection, etc.;

Jacketed mixing tank design, can pass cooling water, suitable for a variety of process requirements.

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