The difference between the jacketed heat transfer oil reactor process and the normal pressure sintering process

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The jacketed heat-conducting oil reactor process is mainly used to heat special functional ceramic powders or green bodies with a certain density while applying a high pressure of about 20 MPa to achieve pressure sintering of ceramic materials. Different from the normal pressure sintering process, in the high pressure sintering process, in addition to the change in the surface free energy of the powder as the driving force for sintering, there is also an external pressure as the driving force for sintering, which affects the sintering process. Due to the increase in the driving force for sintering, high pressure can enable sintering of many ceramics that cannot be sintered by other methods. In addition, the following items should be noted for the jacketed heat transfer oil reactor:

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  1. The reactor should be used in the specified place and operated in accordance with the instructions for use.


  2. Find out the test pressure, operating pressure and operating temperature engraved on the main container, and use it within the allowable range of conditions. The pressure used by the pressure gauge should be used within 1/2 of the indicated pressure. And often compare the pressure gauge with the standard pressure gauge for correction. The pressure gauge for oxygen should not be mixed with pressure gauges for other gases.


  3. For safety valves and other safety devices, use machinery that has undergone regular inspections and meets the specified requirements.


       Pay attention to the operation, the thermometer should be accurately inserted into the reaction solution. When putting on the disc flange cover, the bolts on the diagonal should be tightened one by one.

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