What matters should be paid attention to when adding heat conduction oil to the heat conduction oil reactor

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       When heating the heat conduction oil reactor, insert the heating element in the reactor into the jacket heat conduction oil, and use the heat conduction oil as the heating medium to transfer the heat energy into the reactor, so that the material absorbs heat and rises up, so as to achieve the heating effect. Then proceed to the reaction operation. Therefore, the heat transfer oil plays an important role in the heat transfer oil reactor. The following introduces some points that need to be paid attention to if the heat transfer oil needs to be added to the heat transfer oil reactor.

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   1. Reduce impurity doping

   When adding heat-conducting oil inside the heat-conducting oil reactor, do not allow impurities such as water, acid, alkali, etc. to be mixed into it, which will affect the purity of the heat-conducting oil and the heating effect.

   2. Clean up dirt

  When using heat transfer oil equipment, the dirt, rust, etc. brought in by the installation must be removed, otherwise it will affect the heat transfer efficiency and service life of the heat transfer oil.

  3. use high temperature gaskets

   Use high-temperature resistant gaskets in the heat-conducting oil reactor heating circulation system to prevent the added heat-conducting oil from leaking.

   4. temperature control

Heat-conducting oil reactor should pay attention to temperature control when using heat-conducting oil, especially at the beginning of use, the temperature rise speed should not be too fast, do not exceed 20 ℃ per hour, when the temperature rises to 105-120 ℃, stop for a period of time ( (According to the actual situation), when the temperature rises to 180-200℃, stop for a period of time to remove a small amount of light components.

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