The double ribbon mixer is better than other mixers

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Working principle of double ribbon mixer:

       The double spiral ribbon mixer is composed of a drive mechanism, a "u" type simplified, a spiral ribbon stirring mechanism, a cover, a support and a discharge mechanism. The motor drives the ribbon stirring mechanism to rotate through the reducer. On the one hand, the material moves up and down. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of the ribbon, the material produces internal and external convection to achieve the purpose of full mixing. It has three standard mixing designs: a continuous type Spiral ribbons, interrupted ribbons and paddles are selected according to the requirements of the center or bottom discharge.

The double ribbon mixer is driven by a motor through a reducer to rotate a specially arranged ribbon spindle. The outer ribbon moves the material to the center but is placed, and the inner ribbon pushes the material to a certain position or end plate. Both make the material work. Mutual diffusion, convection, shearing, dislocation and radial movement, so that the material can achieve a uniform mixing effect in a very short time. There are three standard mixing designs --- continuous ribbon, intermittent ribbon and paddle designs are available. They are sorted according to the requirements of the center or bottom discharge.

The scope of application of double ribbon mixer:

       Suitable for solid (powder)-solid (powder) mixing and solid (powder)-liquid mixing. Double ribbon mixer is suitable for normal pressure operation environment. A direct drive device drives the equipment to move, and a special torque-controlled coupling can start the machine at full load to prevent danger due to overload. According to user requirements, it can be designed as a vacuum ribbon mixer, a cooling double ribbon mixer or a heating jacket double ribbon mixer. The mixing speed is fast, generally it takes about ten minutes to mix the powder. There are three discharging methods for you to choose from: manual double ribbon mixer, electric double ribbon mixer, and pneumatic double ribbon mixer.

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