Which is more worth buying horizontal ribbon mixer or coulter mixer?

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Horizontal ribbon mixer

Scope of application: This equipment is mainly used for mixing powder and granular materials in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, plastic, pigment, cosmetic and feed additives industries.

Working principle: The ribbon mixer is composed of driving mechanism, "u" type simplified, ribbon mixing mechanism, machine cover, bracket and discharging mechanism. The motor drives the ribbon stirring mechanism to rotate through the reducer. On the one hand, the material moves up and down. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of the ribbon, the material produces internal and external convection to achieve the purpose of full mixing. It has three standard mixing designs: a continuous type Spiral ribbons, interrupted ribbons and paddles are selected according to the requirements of the center or bottom discharge.

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Coulter mixer

Scope of application: Widely used in solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-solid (powder and powder) industries such as dry powder mortar, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, building materials, plastics, adhesive raw materials, food raw materials, powder metallurgy, mining materials, and petroleum raw materials. -Liquid (powder and glue slurry), lump-thick materials are mixed and stirred, and there is a jacketed heating and drying type powder equipment.

Working principle: The coulter mixer is driven by the active reducer to move the coulter unit axially. On the one hand, the material is turbulently moved along the circumference of the cylinder in the radial and circumferential direction, and at the same time, the material is thrown out in the normal direction on both sides of the coulter. , On the other hand, when the thrown material passes through the flying knife group, it is sheared and stirred by the high-speed rotating flying knife and scattered strongly. Under the combined action of the coulter and the flying knife, the material is continuously stacked and spread.

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