The 4 most commonly used heating methods for magnetic reactors

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The scope of application of magnetic reactor:

1. It is suitable for the reaction of various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious media and other chemical media with strong penetrating power. It is used for vulcanization, fluorination, hydrogenation, etc. in organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes. The ideal non-leakage reaction equipment for oxidation and other reactions.

2. It is suitable for scientific research departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, pesticide, metallurgy, building materials, etc. It is an ideal equipment for high temperature and high pressure reaction.

1. Water heating: the required temperature can be used from time to time, and the heating system is divided into two types: open type and closed type. The open type is simple, it consists of a circulating pump, a water tank, a pipeline and a regulator that controls the valve.

2. Hot steam heating: When the heating temperature of the reactor is below 100℃, it can be heated with steam below one atmospheric pressure; saturated steam is used in the range of 100~180℃; when the temperature of the reactor is higher, hot steam can be used. To

3. The reactor is heated with other media: If the process requires that the reactor must be operated at a low temperature, or if you want to avoid using a pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water and steam.

4. Electric heating of the reaction kettle: the resistance wire is wound on the insulating layer of the reaction kettle cylinder, or installed on a special insulator a few distances from the reactor, so there is little formation between the resistance wire and the reaction kettle body. Space gap.

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