Device for controlling temperature of reactor

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The reactor is a kind of reaction equipment in industrial production. It generally needs to be heated. The appropriateness of the temperature directly affects its reaction effect. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is generally recommended to configure a reactor temperature control device.


The temperature range of the reactor is relatively wide during operation, and it is necessary to pay attention to its safety issues during operation. In order to facilitate everyone to better understand how to use the reactor temperature control device, let's share its usage and related precautions below.


1. Before using the reactor temperature control device, you should first check whether the main power supply is connected, and whether there is a power supply reverse phase or phase loss after the connection is connected. The reactor temperature control device is installed with a power supply reverse phase or lack of phase. The protection device, if this phenomenon occurs, the reactor temperature control device will automatically send an alarm to remind the operator to check the power supply.


2. Before installation, check whether the oil pump of the temperature control device of the reactor is reversed to prevent damage to the motor.


3. The temperature control device of the reactor should not heat up immediately after the heat transfer oil is injected. The high-temperature oil pump should be circulated for a period of time. When the system pressure of the temperature control device of the reactor is normal and the pointer of the system pressure gauge does not sway around, the temperature should be raised.


4. Check the liquid level of the temperature control device of the reactor again, and the temperature can start to rise when the heat transfer oil is sufficient. When the loss of heat transfer oil is insufficient, it should be refilled in time to avoid damage to the machine from dry burning.


The temperature control device of the reactor uses the conversion of heat transfer oil to heat the materials to be heated. Inferior heat transfer oil has a short service life and is prone to scaling. At high temperatures, impurities will decompose, and the temperature cannot rise, and there is water vapor. It will produce fuel injection. There will also be dangers. Therefore, the choice of heat transfer oil is very important. Currently, the authenticity of the heat transfer oil on the market is different. It is necessary to choose a good brand of heat transfer oil, and it depends on the target parameters.


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