Things to avoid for steam reactors

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As the name implies, the steam reactor is a reactor that uses steam for heating and reaction. The steam heating reactor can adopt jacket design or half pipe or inner coil pipe according to the design requirements. Jacketed steam heating reactor with steam exceeding 0.1 MPa belongs to a pressure vessel. The half-pipe steam heating reactor and the inner coil steam reactor are both atmospheric pressure vessels and can pass steam below 6 kg.

    Application: The steam reactor is suitable for the production environment with industrial steam. It has fast heating temperature, accurate temperature control, can realize the heating of materials, and quickly switch for cooling, internal constant temperature, cleaning and sterilization, etc., can control the temperature, stirring and materials Automatic control of liquid, etc. Suitable for tailor-made.

In order to use, maintain, and clean the reactor correctly, standardize and standardize various operations, extend the service life of equipment, ensure safe production, and stabilize product quality, some suggestions are made on how to use the steam reactor correctly:

1. During operation, try to avoid the contact of the kettle body shell with acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids. Once there is material contact, it should be wiped clean with a rag in time;

2. It is forbidden to flush the equipment with water to avoid damage to the insulation layer;

3. When the temperature is ≤0℃, the water in the jacket should be drained after use to avoid damage to the equipment due to freezing;

4. For reactors equipped with mechanical seals, the sealing parts should be kept clean;

5. If the bottom of the kettle is blocked during discharging, do not use metal utensils to strike it, but use bamboo sticks, plastic sticks, or wooden sticks to gently poke open.

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