5 taboos in the use of reactors

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The reactor has great flexibility in chemical production, and is widely used in fine chemical, smelting, medicine, fuel and other industries. It has a wide temperature and pressure range, strong operability, easy concentration control, low cost, and stable product quality. The characteristics of strong heat exchange capacity have great research value and practical value.

The main purpose of the reactor temperature system control is to improve the product quality and production efficiency by optimizing the control conditions and methods under the conditions of ensuring the stability of the system. The reaction mechanism in the kettle is complicated, accompanied by a large amount of heat absorption. If the reaction heat cannot be eliminated in time, it is easy to cause a strong reaction, leading to "burst" or a safety valve jump. Excessive cold water will cause the reaction to change too much, leading to The phenomenon of "kettle stiffness" affects product quality. Therefore, the effective control of batch reactor temperature is of great significance to ensure product quality and product safety. The temperature control system of the reactor is susceptible to factors such as the purity of the reaction material, the type of catalyst, and the thickness of the material. It has the characteristics of large inertia, time variation, and non-linearity, so it is difficult to effectively control the temperature of the reactor.

The use of reaction kettle taboo:

1. It is strictly forbidden to operate by non-professionals, and it is strictly forbidden to operate in violation of the process operation regulations.

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate with over-temperature, over-pressure, and over-load; in case of abnormal conditions such as over-temperature, over-pressure, and over-load, take corresponding measures immediately in accordance with the process regulations.

3. Speed cooling is strictly prohibited to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature difference and pressure.

4. It is strictly forbidden to knock and twist the bolt and nut joints under high pressure, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble under pressure.

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