Two automatic controls for the reactor

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The reactor has a wide range of applications in life. It adopts a static seal structure, and a magnetic coupling is used between the stirrer and the motor drive. Due to its non-contact transmission torque, the static seal replaces the dynamic seal. But how much do you know about it? The following is a brief introduction to how to automatically control the reactor.


1. Automatic control of heating temperature. Platinum resistance or thermocouple is set on the reaction kettle, which uses the temperature difference to generate different electricity and converts it into electrical signals, which are transmitted to the temperature indicating regulator. The heating circuit adopts a solid-state voltage regulator to regulate the voltage. Adjust the size of the potentiometer to change the size of the heating output voltage to achieve stepless voltage regulation. If the adjustment is appropriate, it can meet the purpose of heating speed and constant temperature.


2. Control the stirring speed of the reaction kettle. The stirring drive motor is a DC servo motor. Its excitation coil voltage is supplied by full-wave rectification, and the armature voltage is supplied by a thyristor bridge circuit rectifier to adjust the conduction of the thyristor rectifier element. The size of the angle also depends on the corresponding movement of the output pulse of the trigger circuit, so as to achieve the purpose of infinitely rotating stirring. The upper part of the isolation sleeve is equipped with an induction tachometer element. When the mixer rotates, the induction element generates an induced electromotive force, and the potential value corresponds to the stirring speed. The potential is transmitted to the tachometer, which shows the stirring speed of the mixer.


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