• The jacketed reactor can produce the grafting glue

    Jacket reactor is the main chemical equipment in the main equipment, mainly through mixing, heating, cooling and a variety of materials dispersed polymerization mixing, and thus polymerization reaction. Grafting neoprene adhesive is chloroprene rubber, methyl methacrylate and other monomers, initiator, antioxidant in the graft copolymer solvent obtained with the stopper and tackifier resin formulated from. The jacketed reactor is an important device for the production of grafted glue.


    11-18 / 2020

  • How to choose the high quality of glass silicone sealant glue?

    The quality of the glass glue in the market is not exactly the same. How do you choose a good glass glue?1. Smell (Applicable to Acid Glue): Because the


    11-03 / 2020

  • The jacket reactor can produce epoxy resin glue

    The epoxy resin glue is made of epoxy resin as the main body, it should generally include epoxy curing agent, or the glue will not be cured.It applies to polyester, paper, plastic and other signs decoration.


    09-28 / 2020

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