• Bahrain customers visit JCT to purchase unsaturated polyester resin production line

    In the morning of April 20, 2018, JCT Machinery ushered in a line of Bahrain customers. The purpose of Bahrain customers' trip is to discuss the procurement of unsaturated resin production line.


    04-23 / 2018

  • Unsaturated resin production equipment in JCT

    Unsaturated polyester resin, which accounts for 75% of the resins we use daily. According to its main purpose can be divided into two major categories of glass resin (FRP) resin and non-glass resin.


    09-30 / 2020

  • Polyester resin - polyester resin catalyst- mechanical equipment eupplier

    The jacket reacror is a good equipmnet for pruducing polyester resin and polyester resin catalyst .It is breaking down or combined the materials through mixing,filling,and cooling,to promote the reaction of polymerrization.As the same time,In the production of polyester resin and polyester resin catalyst, it can achieve a variety of heating methods and mixing methods.Such as,in heating mode,it can do eletric heating,steam heating,heat in water.And in the stirring form,it can do anchor paddle,block,ribbon,turbine type etc.So it is an xcellent equipment to produce polyester resin and polyester resin catalyst.


    09-26 / 2020

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