Commercial planetary mixer machine

Commercial planetary mixer machine is a new highly effcient commercial mixer without dead spots, and is widely used for adhesives, ink, paste materials, grease, paint etc.

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high shear dispersing mixer machine is widely used for,silicone rubber, adhesive, sealant, paste, cosmetics, paint, ink, cell paste, food, and other industries.

planetary mixer machine

commercial mixers

Equipment introduction:

1) Commercial planetary mixer machine  is a kind of highly efficient and versatile mixer with mixing,

      dispersing, cutting and mixing function;

2)There are three different types of Commercial planetary mixer machine in the blender, One of the groups of agitator rotates

      around the central axis of the kettle body, The other two groups of mixing device with

      different speed rotation speed, To make the material in the kettle for complex movement,

      The material is strongly cut and mixed. In the equipment, “山”shape blade around the axis

      of the kettle body rotation, on the cylinder wall and bottom material scraped off and  

      Involved in mixing, mixing effect is more ideal.

3)in the form of the agitator of commercial planetary mixer machine, according to the material requirements can be designed as a multi

     - layer  blades, frame type, butterfly type, leaf type, etc..

4)The sealing performance of the equipment is good, it can be pumped vacuum, the sealing

     performance of the equipment is good, can be pumped vacuum, can exhaust and eliminate

     the  bubble inside the material .

5)The hydraulic lifting device of cylinder, the cylinder can move freely, the operation is very


commercial mixer

commercial mixer

commercial mixer

planetary mixer machine

planetary mixer machine

planetary mixer machine

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