How many tips do you know about the life of silicone sealant?

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Glass glue, also known as silicone sealant, is a commonly used adhesive in households. The main components are sodium silicate (Na2O·mSiO2), acetic acid and organic silicone. It is mainly used as a material for bonding and sealing various glass and other substrates. The application areas of glass glue are:

1. Kitchen and bathroom

2. Aluminum alloy window

3. Hidden frame glass curtain wall

4. Wall-finishing glue (baseboard and floor tiles)

5. Stone dry hanging (external wall dry hanging, inner wall grouting)

The main production machine of glass glue is kneader. JCT Machinery has specialized in kneader manufacturing since 2006.

The kneader is composed of a pair of mutually coordinated rotating blades (usually Z-shaped, which produces a strong shearing effect, so that the semi-dry rubber-like viscous material can react quickly to obtain uniform mixing and stirring. The kneader has two Sigma The speed of the two blades is different. According to different processes, different speeds can be set. The most common speed is 42/28 revolutions per minute, which can also be adjusted by the frequency converter. Classification: Kneader can It is made into common type, pressure type, vacuum type and high temperature type.

According to the material, it can be divided into: carbon steel kneader, stainless steel kneader and special material kneader. According to the application, it can be divided into: silicone rubber kneader, ink and pigment kneader, BMC kneader, CMC cellulose kneader, butyl rubber kneader, sealant kneader, hot melt adhesive kneader, etc.

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