What do you know about the precautions of the reactor that only experts know?

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The reactor is a typical main reaction equipment in the production of chemical products. It is widely used in chemical production such as resins, adhesives, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, dyes, additives, and cleaning agents. Through environmental conditions such as stirring, heating, cooling, vacuuming, and pressurizing, the physical mixing or chemical reaction process of the materials in the tank can be modified.

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1) Check whether the equipment is in good condition before operation.

2) Check whether the various electronic instruments of the equipment are normal before operation, such as pressure gauges, temperature gauges, vacuum gauges, etc. . .

3) Check that all functions of the reactor are normal before starting operation.

4) Pay attention to check during the operation of the reactor, whether the motor is running normally, and all electronic instruments should also be checked to make sure that everything is normal when the reactor is running

5) If there is an abnormality during the operation of the reactor, please stop the operation of the reactor immediately to avoid damage to the reactor and danger.

Technical maintenance:

The quality of the reactor is determined by its own related configuration and production process, and it is also distinguished by referring to the internal and external treatment of the reactor.

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