Rubber kneader and dispersing machine

Rubber kneader and dispersing machine is a an high efficient machine ,which widely used in high viscosity sealant,rubber, resins etcs.

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Widely used in high viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, adhesive, BMC, CMC, ink, pigment, dyes, medicine, resin, plastic, rubber, cosmetics and other industries.

rubber dispersion

rubber kneader

1)Dispersion Kneader Machinery_Kneader Extruder is a high viscosity elastic plastic material mixing, kneading, broken and  

   scattered, and the ideal equipment for the aggregation, with advantages of mixing and

   kneading high efficiency;Dispersion Kneader Machinery_Kneader Extruder

2)Mixing method: using two different speed propeller (Z type or ∑type) strong extrusion, shear,

   the materials are mixed uniformly;Dispersion Kneader Machinery_Kneader Extruder

3)Kneader can be divided into the vacuum type, pressure type, pressure type ;

4)Heating cooling method: heat conduction oil heating, jacket electric heating, steam heating,

   water cooling, etc.;

5)Open cover: hydraulic open cover.Dispersion Kneader Machinery_Kneader Extruder

6)Discharging mode: hydraulic dump cylinder dump, bottom discharging, screw extrusion, etc.

7)be installed on the device a variety of safety, measurement, control and instrumentation.

8)The parts contact with material are made of stainless steel material, can also be in accordance

   with the requirements of the buyer;Dispersion Rubber Kneader for Lab

9)the shaft seal is sealed with vacuum structure. To prevent the sealing filler particles into

   the cylinder,it can ensure the quality and purity of the material. Dispersion Kneader Machinery_Kneader ExtruderDispersion Rubber Kneader for Lab

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