• What is vacuum kneading machine ?

    Vacuum kneading machine is a kind of high performance, the high viscosity and ultra-high viscosity material mixing, kneading, crushing, polymerization reaction of rational equipment.


    11-17 / 2020

  • Ointment production equipment, do you know?

    Ointment is familiar to everyone, common in daily life are antibiotic ointment, eye ointment, Erythromycin Ointment and so on. Ointments is a semisolid external preparation with a certain consistency made of a uniform mixture of drugs and suitable matrix. Commonly used matrixes are oily, water-soluble and emulsion based matrixes. Cream ointment made of emulsion matrix is also called cream.


    09-09 / 2020

  • Take you to understand the principle of screw extruder kneader discharge

    Kneader, as the ideal equipment for the crushing, shearing, mixing and polymerization of high viscosity and ultra high viscosity substances, is increasingly used in our daily production of rubber, silicone, silicone rubber, hot melt adhesives, etc. universal. Because of the different production processes, the choice of material discharge method is not the same.


    09-02 / 2020

  • Egyptian customers visit JCT to negotiate liquid silicon rubber equipment

    In April 26, 2018, JCT mechanical Hannah and engineers received remote Egyptian customers in the company conference room. Through the early follow-up communication, we learned that the Egyptian customers were here for liquid silica gel equipment, and the main product was medical silica gel.


    04-27 / 2018

  • How does the kneader work? What is the basic principle?

    Believe this confusion of many people, let Laihong explain to everyone: the kneader is produced by a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Σ blades to produce a strong shearing effect, so that


    12-29 / 2021

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