• A brief discussion on the working characteristics of High Speed Disperser

    The main features of high speed disperser: The high speed disperser adopts all kinds of specifications, such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and three speed, stable and powerful operation, suitable for various kinds of viscosity; hydraulic and mechanical two kinds of lifting and lifting form, rise and fall and rotate freely, adapt to various positions;


    04-09 / 2018

  • Come into the white latex production line factory

    White latex is one of the most widely used, the largest amount, and the oldest water-soluble adhesive.


    03-22 / 2018

  • The development of China's machinery industry

    In the future, under the new historical background, China needs to re-emphasize the vigorous development of the private economy as an important part of the reform and opening up in the new era. The


    03-30 / 2022

  • 5 taboos in the use of reactors

    The reactor has great flexibility in chemical production, and is widely used in fine chemical, smelting, medicine, fuel and other industries. It has a wide temperature and pressure range, strong operability, easy concentration control, low cost, and stable product quality. The characteristics of strong heat exchange capacity have great research value and practical value……


    01-07 / 2022

  • Things to avoid for steam reactors

    As the name implies, the steam reactor is a reactor that uses steam for heating and reaction. The steam heating reactor can adopt jacket design or half pipe or inner coil pipe according to the design requirements……


    01-07 / 2022

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